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Maths I is an interactive mathematics learning support software. The content is divided into several manageable sections. Each presents a concise, illustrated description of a particular mathematical concept, followed by examples and selected questions with solutions. Built-in calculation features enable practising a particular style of question with values automatically suggested by the software or typed into the question text.

Maths I encourages a learning style that starts with studying the theory, reviewing the examples, solving the questions and comparing with the solution provided by the software.

Variable-Input Questions

Each topic contains one or more variable-input questions that vary their numerical parameters each time they are displayed. These values can also be typed into the question's text boxes. Maths I will calculate a new step-by-step solution based on the input, and display the result. The relevant changes will also be reflected on the solution's graphs.

Screenshot - Measures of a Set of Grouped Data Screenshot - Quadratic Graphs Screenshot - Recurring Decimals Screenshot - Simultaneous Linear Equations

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Miscellaneous Questions

A special miscellaneous questions topic helps with revision by automatically presenting questions at random from all of the different sections in Maths I.

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Maths I covers the following topics:

  • Arithmetic: types of numbers, LCM, HCF, fractions, reciprocals, decimals, approximations, indices, roots, ratios, etc.
  • Algebra: simplification, factorisation, linear equations, quadratic equations, simultaneous linear equations, etc.
  • Sequences: generating terms, patterns, etc.
  • Graphs and Functions: coordinates, linear, quadratic, cubic, reciprocal, trigonometric, etc.
  • Geometry: angles, lines, bearings, 2D & 3D, triangles, polygons, kite, trapezium, quadrilaterals, circles, prisms, pyramids, transformations, etc.
  • Statistics: measures of a set of data, frequency tables, interquartile range, grouped data, cumulative frequency, lines of best fit, pie charts, stem and leaf diagram, probability, etc.

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Key Features

  • Table of contents for selecting a particular topic to study.
  • Keyword index for searching for a particular section.
  • Navigation buttons for moving between related sections and questions.

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